Fruit Flavour Bottle H-048

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Fruit Flavour Bottle H-048

Fruit Flavour Bottle H-048

This is promotional Fruit Flavour Bottle.

Infusing Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and other flavourful ingredients into Water . The flavor produced is light, fresh and delicious. Perks up your water making it easy to stay hydrated and stay healthy.

Try one fruit for pure flavour  or use a couple for a unique refreshment. If you are feeling  adventurous, try adding spices like cayenne pepper or fresh ginger for an extra kick. To bring out the flavours further you can sweeten your mixtures with natural sweetners like honey or agave nectar, but we recommend doing so i in moderation. We encourage  experimenting with flavour combinations, but if your in a pinch, a quick twist of orange or lemon is always perfect for a healthy, flavourful zing !

Tips & tricks:

To add ice or other ingredients the citrus press be removed and items can be added through the base opening
If possible keep refrigerated as infused water is best served cold.
Over-Steeping a citrus fruit (More then 24 hrs) can produce a bitter taste. Adding fresh water can even out the flavour.

Some flavour  families that work well with the Citrus.
-Sweet : Strawberry, pineapple
-Sharp : Lemon, Lime, grapefruit
-Bold : Clementiine orange

Two colour available (Green / Yellow)

Capacity : 900 ml

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